Municipal Social Welfare & Development Office

Organizational Structure and Workflow

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MSWD office – Formulate plans, measures and to ensure the delivery of programs and services which include programs and services on Child and Youth Welfare, Family and Community Welfare, Street Children, Juvenile Delinquents, Victims of Drug Abuse, Livelihood and Other Projects, Nutrition Services and Pre-Marriage Counselling.


  1. Can protect and rehabilitate the socially disadvantaged constituents, physically and rehab mentally patients.
  2. Provide on integrated welfare package to its constituents of the basis of their needs and coordinate the service facilities required from such Department/Agencies, GO & NGO which can best provide.
  3. Advocate for policies and measures addressing social welfare concerns.


Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer

  • Formulate measures for the approval of SB and provide technical assistance.
  • Develop plans and strategies on Social Welfare Programs and Projects.
  • Identify basic needs of the needy, disadvantaged and implement appropriate measures.
  • Coordinate with government agencies and NGO’s for protection of all needy and etc.
  • Frontline on service delivery and exercise other functions as prescribed by law.

The MSWD Office is also implementing the Social Pension for Indigent Senior Citizens aging 77 years old and above. The Municipality of Malita has 370 beneficiaries for this program receiving 500.00 per month. It is a life time pension intended for qualified Senior Citizens. Aside from Sr. Citizens, the MSWD Office is also extending assistance to the disabled persons through giving several wheelchairs and etc. to the persons with disabilities.

Supplemental Feeding is also one of the Programs in our Office. It will be implemented to 66 Day Care Centers with 2,290 Day Care Children. This program will start covering the month of September 2011 to March 2012.

Nutrition Program is also implemented in our municipality to eradicate malnutrition. Women and Youth Program is under the supervision of MSWD Office in which we are providing technical assistance. We are also extending assistance to victims of violence against women, RA 9262 and Children Protection against Abuses, RA 7610.