Municipal Planning & Development Coordinator

Organizational Structure

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Office Functions




The Malita, Municipal Planning and Development Office exist to plan and formulate economic, social, infrastructure, environmental, administrative and other development programs for inter-department coordination in pursuit of the vision and mission of the local government bureaucracy.


A very reliable support service department of the Local Government of Malita replete with data and information requirements relevant to macro and micro developmental pursuits of the municipality at any given period and in the forefront of development thrusts of the local government.


To draw up plans, policies and strategies that will lead to the effective implementation of Municipal government programs and projects.

1. Review and Revision of Municipal Comprehensive Land Use Plan (2006-2015);

2. Continuous research and study along local development directions;

3. Establish and maintain database for various development planning purposes.

4. Draw & formulate the development thrusts for the municipality.


1. Formulate integrated economic, social, physical, and other development plans and policies for consideration of the Municipal Development Council;

2. Conduct continuing studies, researches, and training programs necessary to evolve plans and programs for implementation;

3. Integrate and coordinate all sectoral plans and studies undertaken by the different functional groups or agencies;

4. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the different development programs, projects and activities in the municipal and component barangay government in accordance with the approved development plan;

5. Prepare comprehensive plan and other development planning documents for the consideration of the local development council;

6. Analyze the income and expenditure patterns and formulate and recommend fiscal plans and policies for consideration of the local finance committee of the municipality;

7. Promote peoples participation in development planning with the local government of Malita;

8. Exercise supervision and control over the secretariat of the Municipal Development Council and;

9. Exercise such other functions and responsibilities as maybe prescribed by law or ordinance;


  1. Secretariat Municipal Development Council.
  2. Municipal Zoning Administration
  3. Simple and Complex Subdivision of  Lot Approving Officer
  4. Membership, Local Finance Committee
  5. Membership, Integrated Solid Waste Management
  6. Membership, Marine Protected Area Cluster Network
  7. Membership, Municipal Fisheries & Aquatic Resources Management Council
  8. Membership, Malita Marine Protected Area
  9. Membership, Coastal Resource Management Council
  10. Membership, Municipal Nutrition Action Council
  11. Membership, MPOC
  12. Membership, Millennium Development Goal Program
  13. Membership, Municipal Poverty Reduction Action Program
  14. Membership, Planning And Development Coordinators of Davao del Sur (PLADEC)
  15. Others.



1. Secretariat Head, MDC

2. Secretariat Head, Bids and Awards Committee

3. Approves Zoning /Locational Clearances /Certifications

4. Supervises and monitors implementation of the 20% Development Fund Projects

5. Monitors implementation of AIP & LDIP/ELA

6. Manage and supervises the PWS Program Waterworks System

7. Recommend fiscal plans and policies for consideration of the finance committee

8. Supervises processing of application for development/alteration permit

9. Performs other functions designated by the Local Chief Executive


1. Perform Secretariat work to the MDC

2. Evaluates Locational/Zoning Clearance Certification Applications

3. Designate Barangay Affairs Functions

4. Represents meetings/seminars/workshops in the absence of the MPDC.

5. In-charge of the office in the absence of the MPDC

6. Designate as one of the member of Inspectorate Team

7. Monitors municipal programs, projects and activities

8. Performs other duties directed by the Dept. Head


1. Acts as liaison officer/messenger

2. Process and follow up vouchers

Office Admin Assistant IV

  1. Perform BAC Secretariat works
  2. Records Program of Works, Training/Activity Designs
  3. Assists in the Preparation of Annual Investment Plan (AIP) of the Local and Barangay Government
  4. Review the 20% LGDF Programs& Project Implemented by the  Barangay
  5. Performs other functions and duties as directed by the department head.

Office Database Encoder

  1. Offices file manager
  2. Prepare vouchers and payrolls
  3. Consolidate and update PPMP
  4. Collate and collage pictures
  5. Prepares the Zoning Issuances
  6. Record and post municipal projects, programs and activities
  7. Prepares office routinely documents
  8. Performs other functions and duties as directed by the department head

 Zoning Field Inspector/Draftsman - (Detailed Personnel)

  1. Make actual site ocular inspection of Building Permit Applicant in conformity to the Approved Zoning and Land Use
  2. Perform other functions as directed by the department head

Office Utility Worker/Messenger - (JOB ORDER)

  1. Maintains office cleanliness
  2. Assist utility works during functions and activities undertaken
  3. Office messenger/ensures communication letters are delivered
  4. Perform other functions as directed by the department head
General Public Services, Programs & Projects

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Functional Chart

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