Marissa S. Te Eng Fo wrote at April 21, 2012:
True Mariles of Canada. But these are coffee table stories, archaic and handed down from generations to generations that makes the place interesting. Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish colonizers, the super powers of the old world already had identified "Malita" in their maps in the 1800's as authenticated in libraries, maps of 1848,(copy can be found in the museum in the tourism office) in Spain. These stories make the place interesting, even labeled as "mal-ita" or bad natives or place where "maleta" of beheaded Gov Bolton was left. What is so great about Malita is its ecological balance of environmental flagships still in existence (butanding, sea turtles 5 of them 5 identified in Asia, dugongs), rare corals in Tubalan Cove, 001 land title and many many more. The history itself is of over 1st class category. Check out the first cultural heritage museum of the region found in Malita if you are in the country.
Mariles Co wrote at April 21, 2012:
THe history is contradictory as Malita was already known during Spanish conquistador time and is seen in the early 19th century maps so cannot be named after the "maleta"
pearly wrote at November 19, 2011:
please visit malita...........
Reynald S. Mendrico Jr. wrote at November 11, 2011:
Happy Gaginaway Festival to all MalitaƱos! :) Congratulations!
carla rotsen wrote at November 10, 2011:
hope we had a unkabokable Gaginaway Celebration 2011 :)PADAYON SA PAG USWAG MALITA!God Bless