The municipality’s celebrating the founding anniversary through a variety of socio-cultural shows and sportsfests. To top it all, we shall also conduct an Agri-Industrial Fair where local agricultural products shall be displayed side by side with the various products of technology  especially machineries, equipment and other gadgets and services of varied products for personal, home and industrial needs. The objective for this exhibition is to provide a venue in which our constituents will be able to grasp & get a glimpse of the relationship between the immediate products of their farms and the many processes by which these are manufactured in various forms and uses.  In other words, a better understanding of that relationship would in a way motivate them to strive to produce more and perhaps subsequently trigger a symbiotic response from industrial businesses who may want to invest in our area.


Town Festival -”GAGINAWAY”-Every November
Created on-November 12, 2007



The occasion aims to revisit and renew an old cultural practice of our indigenous peoples particularly the Tagacaolo tribe, which comprise 80% of Malita’s populace. Taken from the Tagacaolo term which means unity, “Gaginaway Festival” depicts the cultural value of the lumads of being always united and living harmoniously as one tribe. For the B’laan, the term signifies love in friendship, for Muslim it connotes gathering, while for the Manobo, Gaginaway means getting together.

The festivity showcases other practices prevalent to the local native culture and the usual display of tribal wares and products. Our local government aims to make the occasion as a springboard for the promotion of our town as an alternate tourist destination leading to future tourism development pursuits.

Coincidentally, we also aim to pursue governance under an atmosphere and agenda of unity as the term Gaginaway signifies.